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  • Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year.
    Gatherings with friends and families take place in homes across the country. Many types of foods will be served throughout the day.

    Here are some of my healthy tips to give you lasting
    energy before, during, and after the game.

    1.  Instead of having a big hero, try having a healthy wrap instead. Not only does it cut down calories from the bread, you can add your own ingredients, such as lettuce, tomatoes, pepper, thinly sliced cucumber, hummus, some animal protein if you choose, (make sure there are no nitrates) such as turkey, chicken, salmon, tuna, egg, etc.  Options for wraps are spinach, whole wheat, rice wrap (gluten free), etc.

    2.  Buffalo wings in heavy sauces have too much sodium
    and sugar.  Bake wings with your favorite spices and add honey to the spices, baste and bake, or you could try coconut aminos , which is a gluten-free type of soy sauce, that you can marinate with, and add a bit of honey.

    3.  Pizza is a biggie at the Super Bowl. Most pizza is made with white flour, and too much cheese and unhealthy fats/sodium.  Try making a few pies of your own or have guests make with you.  Buy frozen pie shells, and buy your own cheese.  Either grated or grate yourself.  Buy a lower sodium tomato sauce and add some of your favorite vegetables. (Have your guests choose what they would like on 1/2 of their pie)  For instance, mushrooms, peppers, onions, broccoli, zucchini,etc.

    4.  Stuffed potato skins can pack on a high fat & sodium for
    almost a days worth.  Substitute white potatoes for sweet  potatoes and add black beans, tomatoes, roasted pepper and avocado or just simply baked with cinnamon, you can add diced apples for an extra sweet kick.

    5.  Chips and dips are also high in unhealthy fats & sodium.
    Try baked sweet potato chips, baked low sodium corn chips,
    lentil chips, even grain free tortilla chips.  Dips can be made
    from homemade guacamole , low sodium salsa, or hummus.

    6.  As far as desserts go, try to only have 1 dessert and either
    skip or share another dessert.  If you ate a lot of food, try to
    cut down on dessert.

    A healthy idea for dessert would be to have people make acai mini bowls with cut up fruit, nuts, sprinkled with coconut or sliced fruit dipped in natural dark chocolate or rolled in shredded coconut.

    No matter what you choose, be wise about it, limit your intake overall, including drinks and most of all enjoy the game!

    Wishing you a happy day on Super Bowl and everyday!

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