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  • Is Change Necessary?

  • Change in inevitable. If we like change or not, things are continuously changing and are mainly out of our control.

    For example, if we believe in it or not, global warming is happening around us, in many parts of our country and the world. Just turn on the news, and you will hear about a monsoon, earthquake or the latest hurricane in the East Coast, named Florence. Doesn’t it seem that the weather patterns are more erratic each year? The temperature is either too warm or too cold or fluctuates back and forth. In my lifetime, I haven’t seen weather pattern changes like this, ever!

    It’s time for us to wake up and see what is going on around us. Ask yourself, how can I make a difference in the world today? How can I make a difference with my family, my home, myself? We tend to put ourselves last in most situations. I can’t stress enough how important it is to put ourselves first when it comes to change and self-care. Think, what is my resistance to change? Fear? Feeling Unstable? Possible Growth in a new direction? A new environment? New friends?

    I am beginning to have changes once again in my life. I am experiencing empty nest, where my children are grown, graduated college and left their nest to move far from home. One is in California, the other in Rhode Island. While, they went to college, the initial shock, wore off, and prepared me for my recent experience of empty nest. Do I like it? Yes and no. It gives me time to get to know myself again, my interests, experience growth in new ways, and friendships. Would I like to flashback to when my kids were younger and the best years growing up? Absolutely! However, I am learning if I do that, then I am controlling their environment and the outcome. I am learning to let the river flow and take me on my next journey in life. I am moving in a few days to another place and look forward to meeting new people in the community. While I tend to resist change, I am opening up my mind and body to embrace it for the first time in my life!

    Can you think of ways you can open up a part of you to change and embrace it? Do you notice that you hold yourself back when it comes to change for yourself?

    Jot down now a few ways you might hold yourself back and are resistant to change? Do you notice you set goals for yourself, but because the fear of change is so great, you avoid making the changes you so want for yourself? For example, I have had many clients who were preparing to lose weight, had a good intention to do so.

    When it came time to get started or meet with me, fear took over and they shut down. Have you experienced something similar? If so, never beat yourself up. Just start again where you are at.

    Change is like the leaves blowing in the wind on a Fall day. Look at the beautiful colors of leaves on the trees. See how the sun shines on the leaves and changes them. Now, apply this change to your life.

    See how strong the trunk of a tree is. See how the branches expand out and intertwine with one another. Trees have a long, long life. Notice how you can take that strength inward.

    See how the beauty of each day, can give you a glimmer of hope to keep going, keep shining, keep moving.

    Happy Fall!

    I do believe change is necessary for growth. Care to join me?

    I am here to support you and your health goals 🙂