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  • This time of year, we think of our spouses, partners, significant others, family members and even close friends.

    It is a time of giving to others, and showing and/or expressing our love.

    Valentine’s Day is a special day for love and showing it to those that have deep meaning to you.


    Do you ever think, on Valentine’s Day, or even for that week or whole month of

    February, I am going to start loving myself more?  I am going to give myself time to do the

    things I have most wanted to in years?  Make a list of things you have wanted for a long

    time, such as taking  a long, relaxing bath ( with essential oils or healing salts, or bubble bath)

    Time to shop for me, get a great top, or outfit.  Get together with a friend you haven’t seen in

    awhile. Go to the movies.  Read a great book. Go away for a long weekend with a friend or

    your spouse/partner.  Just make sure it is about you.  It’s not about being selfish here.  It’s

    about making you important.



    Here is an excerpt from my book, “A Whole New You : To Your Good Health”,




    “Are you truly happy and doing what you love to do?

    Are you anxious/stressed or relaxed and carefree?

    If anxious/stressed, what steps can you take today to become more relaxed?”


    “It’s important to make slow lasting lifestyle changes, rather than do things quickly or

    not at all.  Here are a few tips to follow:


    Find happiness in all you do. Even if its a dark, dreary, depressing day, push through

    to find the silver lining of something happy and positive.


    Express your thoughts and emotions. Keeping them inside can cause more tension,

    and affect your overall health and wellbeing.


    Smile more often. Look in the mirror and start your day with a smile. It helps even

    when you are feeling down.”


    Think about the above questions and answer them honestly.  Practice the tips, as well.

    While they might not be easy to do at first, the more you practice and do them, the easier

    they will get.  You will start to feel better, inside and out.