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  • The Gift Of Being A Mother

    Not only is Mother’s Day, a national holiday, it hits home for many people.


    Some adult children have lost their mothers, some are lucky to have their mothers, even if they are aging, and some of us are mothers to our own children today. No matter what your current situation is, mothers are the most meaningful person in our lives. They gave birth to us, nourished us, and taught us in the early years and beyond.


    It is my hope, that you hold your mother dear to your heart.  This is important in many ways.

    First, your mother is the first person in your life, to give you love and comfort. Sometimes, we tend to forget that, especially if you don’t get along with your mother now.  It is having that feeling of love and safety in our early years, that sets the stage for our lives going forward. If you haven’t given your mom a hug in awhile, force yourself to do so the nexttime you see her.  You will be glad you did, and passed on a loving feeling to your mom.


    Moms’ tend to do a lot for their family and in doing so, have very little time for themselves. This is probably one reason we have Mother’s Day today. If you are a mother, may I suggest you tell your husband, kids and extended family, that you need a day or half a day for yourself. As I raised my kids alone, I realized how precious the days were that I had to myself to take care of many things.  I also realized (after a few years) that time for myself was just as or more important. Self-love and nourishing yourself inside and out is key.  It’s a time to rejuvenate yourself and body. Rest, read a book, go to the beach, take a yoga or zumba class, go to the gym, and/or even treat yourself to the salon or have a health day for you!    So, please, be kind to yourself, ask for what you need and deserve and enjoy!


    My gift from the heart to the first 50 mothers who respond, a free 30 minute phone discovery session for you.  It can be to discuss your stress, weight or fitness goals, digestion, moods, etc.  Whatever is going on for you now, I am here to support you!  If you or know a mother who can benefit, please click here to sign up. This is an opportunity to have your questions answered and learn a bit about how to heal yourself in several ways.

    Wishing you good health always,