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  • The Value Of Life

    Many things come to mind when it comes to life and placing value on it.

    From birth, the gift of life is granted to us and we have so much to live for. What we do with our lives and how we value it, is what matters most. Many people take their lives for granted.  They are given many things growing up, and strive to get more and more things in adulthood.  They add more and more stress to their lives daily, in order to get more things for themselves and/or their families.  This ends up being the focus of many lives in a fast paced material world.

    When we strive to focus on only material things, not only are we under a great deal of stress, but we are forgetting about our inner selves.  We forget to take care of the daily essentials – proper sleep, hydration, eating real nutrient dense foods, exercise, fun, relaxation, and connection with others.  When one of these get out of balance, so do we.  Our bodies might signal pain, as an alarm that something is going wrong, but we don’t pay attention.  We eat high stress foods that coincide with our stresses, we stay up late and are wired with all the high-tech electronics of today.  We might even drink more alcohol on the weekends or even take recreational drugs to be part of a social group and also to keep us calm & relaxed.

    What happened to the way our grandparents and great grandparents lived?
    Their lives were much simpler, food was homemade and without chemicals or preservatives, families were together more, and they had more time to relax.
    They had time to sleep more, (since they were not distracted by high-tech things)
    time to socialize with family and friends and they spent time outdoors much more.

    Since, times have changed, think, how did my ancestors live and be happy?

    What are 1 or 2 things I can do to slow down and take care of myself better today?

    Can I shut off my computer an hour earlier and get to bed so I can feel more refreshed the next day?

    Can I make a wholesome nutritious meal from scratch at least once a week? (You can take leftovers to work for lunch or freeze portions, for another time).

    Can I reduce my sugar intake, slowly?

    It is up to you to decide how to value your life best. We all have stress. It is how
    you handle it, that is important. Don’t give up when life gets tough. That’s a signal
    that you need to keep going. My daughter just got sad news that her good friend,
    21 years old, who just graduated college with her, has died. All due to taking
    drugs that were laced. It was a mistake, he didn’t really want to die, but unfortunately did and took that risk. Ask yourself, is what I am doing, worth the risk of possibly shortening my life? Drugs, alcohol, poor nutrition, poor sleep, stress, hate, and anger, all add up to high risks for our bodies, and create disease.

    How do you value of your life?

    Are you ready to take the plunge and start taking care of yourself better?

    I am here to help you get started.  Feel free to contact me today.

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    Hello Laura: This is one of the best commentaries I have read. It is open direct and honest. Your words of the body and health related issues geared to take good care of one's own body are very enlightening. I would very much like to join your group in particular because I sense your serious concern for your patrons. This is something that I have found, hard to come by. Thank you for your article I look forward to your membership class.