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  • Thanksgiving                                  photo credit: Calsidyrose

    Thanksgiving is a time to rejoice, renew and gather with friends and family.  Take note of all the things, large and small that you are grateful for.  Reach out to a friend who is in need or who you haven’t spoken to in awhile.  See how they are doing. Tell them how much you appreciate having them in your life.  Offer to help a neighbor or family member during this time is giving of yourself.  Also, remember to take care of yourself as well.  Here are some ways to do that on Thanksgiving and the day after.

    1.  After your wonderful feast, instead of sitting in front of the tv, go outside for a walk.  Enlist at least one friend or family member to join you.  Walk at a faster pace, for 20-30 minutes.

    2. If you feel exhausted after eating, then opt for a nap first, for no more than 30 minutes.  You will feel refreshed and recharged. I then suggest, going for a walk.

    3.  Drink a full glass of water.  This will help re-hydrate you and keep you full.

    4.  Play board games or cards with your family to keep busy or even play tackle football  outside. (weather permitting)

    5.  If you had an early feast, then eat lightly dinnertime.  Have a small portion of turkey or other protein and vegetables.  Avoid the stuffing, potatoes, and desserts a second time around. Here is a great recipe to try instead of potatoes, and you can fill up on this if still hungry. https://awholenewyou.org/recipe-of-the-month/.If craving sweets, you can have 1 cup of fruit for dessert.

    Being mindful, and focusing on your goals, is important to do during the holidays. Remember, it’s the connections with others that is important, as well as, the connection to ourselves. Tap into your inner guidance, being kind and caring to yourself and your well being today and everyday.
    Wishing you and your loved ones a Very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving! 🙂





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